About VW Group Login

This service is VW Group Login aka CloudIDP. An authentication service provided by Volkswagen AG in order to authenticate application users inside the Volkswagen AG universe. We are able to authenticate users using KLDAP/KUMS (managed by KIRA) and KLDAP/B2B (managed by B2BUMS) directly and are able to delegate authentications to other authentication services too.

VW Group Login / CloudIDP is proudly provided by VW Authentication Deliver Center. If you want to learn more about our offerings, please visit our

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In very most cases the Enterprise Help Desk is your first contact:


Phone: +49 5361 9 33000
E-Mail: ehdd@volkswagen.de


Phone: +49 841 89 36565
E-Mail: 36565@audi.de


Phone: +49 89 1580 7888
E-Mail: ehd@man.de


Phone: +49 531 212-2919
E-Mail: vwfsbseh@vwfs.com